January 11, 2017

Religion of Break the Cross

I'm told, "Break the Cross" is a term of endearment and love Muslims use for followers of Isa.

I didn't buy it either.

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Live From Jamaica Shaykh Abdullah Faisal Preaches Support For Islamic State

Its on Jihadtube, where else?

This is DANGEROUS! This is no laughing matter. This man has preached Jihad for years untouched. You need but look at the latest ISIS Baby's Snuf Kuffar vidoe to see the results of this man's work.

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The Mother of All Press Conferences

See, I told you all you were underestimating the entertainment value of a Trump Presidency

Buckle up Jawas!

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January 10, 2017

Watersportsgate Pencatine Edition

I call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Trump.


It was a Joke Mr. Trump I swear to God.

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Boomah of The Day

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Attention Twitter User @ukhtid1 Ukhti Al Almania



The Muslima says.


To which Jawa says.


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January 09, 2017

Rogue Life

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This is Not The Total And Utter Failure We're Looking For

A terrorist, known to the FBI BTW as a terrorist but we don't want to be called Islamophobic or anything by acting before we have dead bodies, murdered five people at Ft. Lauderdale airport.

TMZ has obtained surveillance video from Friday’s terror attack at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport that shows the first shots fired by Esteben Santiago.

In the video, you can see Santiago causally take the handgun from his waistband and open fire while passengers run for cover:

The terrorist claims allegiance to Islamic State. No biggie.

Oh my God!, FOUR! people died from a winter storm, gasp!

Someone get David Muir on scene, Stat!

Move along. Move along.

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January 05, 2017

Obama's More Average America Policy Gets Results

I'm kind of fascinated by the press this Russian propaganda/WikiLeaks thing is getting.

After all Obama stated at the beginning of his term that American exceptionalism was ending. That we were surrendering the title Worlds Last Remaining Super Power. The result is as predictable as the sunrise.

Which I think is good on some level. I mean that title is like a target on your back. The world is much better off with several competing and cooperating large powers.

But the consequence of a less powerful or less influential America, to sharing power more equally is naturally that nations like China and Russia move in world standing by default.

So personally I like Cold War II, its sure beats the heck out of eternal WWIII that we've been going through.

But you have to expect that a more relatively powerful Russia will have more influence. Possibly even influence in our own media. Its not as if we're above broadcasting VOA worldwide nor doing our own hacking of Russia.

In the end the truth is we both have always attempted to influence the public opinion each other's populations. What effect that influence has is debateable. I doubt it changes much of anything.

Trump won basically the same way Putin wins. The way Obama won, and every other president for that matter, based on his Charisma as a person. Not to mention that natural see-saw effect of America, we love to switch over now and then.

But whatever, so long as eyes are on some imagined or real conflict between the big dogs it will work over time to put a lid on some of these smaller conflicts.

In fact given Trump's history of taking control of the narrative I'm not sure that this whole thing is not exactly what Trump wants. Possibly Obama is setting the state he wants when he takes office.

So that's my Kihnspiracy theory for the day.

I intend to stick with it. Anyway the threat of global nuclear annihilation si something I grew up with. It makes me comfortable.

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